Research & Development Careers at DENSO

Research & Development careers at DENSO

Work on the leading edge and make an impact.

In an R&D career with DENSO, you will have the opportunity to work on emerging technologies (such as connected and autonomous vehicles) with a variety of OEM customers and also collaborate with our international teams. If you are an R&D professional interested in the automotive industry and would enjoy working for a large, global corporation, you’ll find interesting work, great people and a good company to work for in a career at DENSO.

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DENSO R&D employee testimonial: Amy, Radar Applications Engineer
It is highly satisfying working on safety features that can help mitigate or prevent accidents. We’ve recently invested in innovations for the future of mobility, including autonomous and electric vehicles. These initiatives will keep us a strong competitor for years to come.
–Amy, Radar Applications Engineer

What makes DENSO R&D careers different?


DENSO has a very broad portfolio of products that offer opportunities for individuals to pursue a variety of interests.


You’ll enjoy a different challenge with every new task, keeping you engaged and satisfied, every day.


You’ll have many opportunities to broaden and deepen your skill set and experience, as well as grow throughout your career.


Working in small teams, you’ll enjoy hands-on opportunities and the chance to make a genuine impact with a global leader.


What could be more exciting than working on leading-edge technologies, like autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence and machine learning?


DENSO is committed to developing your skills by offering training opportunities for career advancement from a first-time Engineer to the role of Technical Specialist.


DENSO has a demonstrated commitment to profitability and being debt free to ensure job stability and R&D growth into new, emerging technologies and markets.

Aaron, Senior Manager
Working at DENSO has been rewarding in many different ways. I've enjoyed the ability to work on many projects, allowing me to continually learn new things and work with different customers. I especially like the variety of technologies I've been exposed to and the idea that our work will make a difference in peoples’ lives.
–Aaron, Senior Manager

Typical DENSO R&D roles

  • Product Managers
  • Software Engineers
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Machine learning
    • Controls
    • Electronics and sensors
  • Software Systems R&D Engineers

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