Automotive Engineering Jobs at DENSO

Automotive project engineering careers at DENSO

Bring your innovative ideas to life.

At DENSO, what we make is at the core of the modern, safe and energy-efficient vehicles the world needs. We offer the resources you need to develop patents and be able to create jobs in the community by bringing in new production lines. No ideas are too small or unachievable; that’s one of the reasons why we are always on the forefront of new technology.

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What makes DENSO engineering careers different?


At DENSO, what we make is at the core of the modern, safe and energy-efficient vehicles the world needs. Here we have the freedom and support to think outside the box. We dream it up and look at all the opportunities ahead of us to fulfill our ideas.


Our engineers are directly responsible for everything from design, CAD models and prototypes to validation testing and supporting the product launch. The reward comes when you lift the hood of a new car and know that part you see came from three years of your work.


Our fast-paced, detail-oriented environment provides engineers the opportunity to work along-side our production and maintenance colleagues to expeditiously troubleshoot and implement systems and processes.


The most exciting aspect of being a part of the DENSO family is the amount of learning and growth you can attain. We offer on-the-job development and training opportunities and also have a Leadership Academy. Exponential growth at DENSO starts with the fire within you.


Engineers who join us have the potential to move into senior and advanced engineering positions. Opportunities are also available to grow into a supervisor, manager or director role. We promote solely based on performance; time on the job is not a requirement. Many of our leaders are home grown.


DENSO offers great benefits, advancement potential, bonus opportunities and overtime compensation, as well as a variety of amenities at our campuses that make work more enjoyable. In addition, our flexible work culture fosters work/life balance.

Typical DENSO engineering jobs

  • Advanced Development Engineer
  • Application Engineer
  • Computer Engineer
  • Customer Quality Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Process Engineer
  • Program Manager
  • Supplier Quality Engineer

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