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Advanced automotive technology jobs at DENSO

We innovate, create & make things.

No matter the role, DENSO automotive technology jobs offer you the best opportunity to drive your career into the future. Whether you work in research & development, sales or on the production floor, you’ll help us craft the core technologies of a future mobility society.

Why we exist.

At our core, DENSO wants to make the world a better place. And as a mega supplier, we have the ability to tackle some of society’s biggest issues surrounding automotive safety and the environment. Working here, you will too.

Character matters.

Early in our founding, we created DENSO Spirit, a set of values shared by our employees from across the globe. Centered on foresight, credibility & collaboration, it draws on the strengths of individuals who join together to become an unstoppable force for global good.

DENSO employee testimonial: Ron, Senior Sales Specialist
Our work environment is in constant motion. It is fast-paced and drives adaptation and creativity. There is never a boring day at a company that seeks continuous improvement. At DENSO, you will be given the tools to positively influence individuals across the globe.
–Ron, Senior Sales Specialist
Denso Driving

What makes DENSO an employer of choice?

Stability & Growth

Established in 1949, we’ve grown to be a Global Fortune 500 company & trusted partner to most automaker’s worldwide. A reflection of that trust is our $47.6 billion annual revenue. We’re also proud to provide job stability to our employees and the greater communities where we operate.

Exemplary Quality

Quality is our lifeline and serves as the starting point for us as a company. In fact, we were one of the 1st parts manufacturers to build its own test courses. Now, our facilities include advanced wind tunnel laboratories and anechoic chambers that simulate diverse driving conditions. We pride ourselves on precision: 0.001mm processing accuracy.

Culture of Innovation

Last year, we invested 9.9% of our revenue in Research & Development. That’s $4.7 billion, funding 7 technical centers and several satellite R&D sites around the world to expand our 4 focus fields in Connected Car, Automated Drive, Electrification, and Non-Automotive Businesses, and other areas.

Continuous Improvement - Kaizen

We’re built on a foundation of Kaizen (continuous improvement). Most everything can be improved and nothing is insignificant. Since 1971, our technicians have sharpened their skills by competing in the WorldSkills competition. The results? More than 60 WorldSkills Competition medals.

Community Involvement

With over 27,000 people in 15 states, along with Canada and Mexico, we live and work alongside the customers who depend on us. Athens and Maryville, TN or Battle Creek and Southfield, MI aren’t just places where we do business, they’re places we call home.

Commitment to Sustainability

We have a passion to make the world a better place; it’s why we exist. We’ve implemented sustainability management that works to resolve social issues through our business activities. That’s how we improve our corporate value.

Spirit of Diversity & Inclusion

We’re advancing diversity and inclusion inside the company and beyond. It’s a principle that brings unique perspectives together, drives innovation and pushes us forward.

Our People - Hitozokuri

Our core is our people. They bring special strengths and skills to the work bench every day. Their creativity leads to innovation. Their hard work drives to our growth. And, their spirit of achievement and collaboration helps us succeed.

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