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Advanced automotive technology jobs at DENSO

We're crafting the core technologies of modern mobility.

DENSO automotive technology jobs offer you the best opportunity to drive your career into the future. DENSO is one of the largest global automotive suppliers of advanced technology, systems and components. From advanced safety systems for automated driving to hybrid and electric vehicle components, we’re crafting the core technologies of modern mobility. We draw on the strengths of individual inventors who are joining together to become an unstoppable force for global good.

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DENSO employee testimonial: Ron, Senior Sales Specialist
Our work environment is in constant motion. It is fast-paced and drives adaptation and creativity. There is never a boring day at a company that seeks continuous improvement. At DENSO, you will be given the tools to positively influence individuals across the globe.
–Ron, Senior Sales Specialist
Denso Driving

What makes DENSO an employer of choice?

Stability & Growth

Established in 1949, DENSO is a trusted partner of automakers worldwide. A reflection of that trust is our $40.4 billion annual revenue in 2016.

Exemplary Quality

DENSO was one of the first parts manufacturers to build its own test courses. Our facilities include advanced wind tunnel laboratories and anechoic chambers that simulate diverse driving conditions. We pride ourselves on precision: 0.001mm processing accuracy.

Culture of Innovation

At DENSO, 9 percent of our revenue is invested in Research & Development. That’s $3.6 billion in 2016, funding seven technical centers around the world, resulting in 38,000 active patents.

Continuous Improvement

DENSO is built on a foundation of Kaizen (continuous improvement). Everything can be improved and nothing is insignificant. Since 1971, our technicians have sharpened their skills by competing in the WorldSkills competition. The results? 63 WorldSkills Competition medals.

Community Involvement

With 25,000 people in 14 states, along with Canada and Mexico, our employees live and work right alongside the customers who depend on us. Athens and Maryville, TN or Battle Creek and Southfield, MI aren’t just places where we do business, they are the places our employees call home. Learn more about our commitment to community.

Our People

Our core is our people. They bring special strengths and skills to the work bench every day. They drive our success. Their creativity leads to innovation. Their hard work contributes to our growth. And, their spirit of achievement and collaboration brings out the best in everyone.

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